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It happens.  Occasionally our creative juices dry up and inspiration for fresh, artistic ideas cannot be easily tapped into.  But as photographic artists, we can learn to refill the ‘well of creativity’ with optimism and joy so that we may draw new creative works from such an accessible ‘vessel’.

Just like a motorized vehicle, your  ‘well of creativity’ needs regular refilling to prevent it from losing the power to ignite new ideas.

What’s the best way 
to refill the ‘well of creativity’?

Here are some things that fill my well:

  • being in nature
  • closing my eyes and daydreaming
  • smiling
  • visiting museums and galleries (even virtually)
  • discovering art magazines
  • getting lost in a good novel
  • taking in live theatre or a concert
  • travel (fills my ‘well’ rather quickly)
  • playing an instrument (can you guess what I play)
  • listening to music
  • gardening

Will you take the time to fill your  ‘well of creativity’? Ah, but beware! Fill your ‘well of creativity’ first, then create! Time devoted to actually creating does not fill the well, it depletes it. Think about that. Will you accept the challenge? You may see a huge difference in what you come away with. It won’t be the same old stuff!.

What would refill your ‘well of creativity’?  Please share by COMMENTING ON THIS POST.

Creatively yours,

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