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1. Themed Exhibits

We invite photographers to participate in our juried exhibits.  We offer a variety of themes throughout the year in various locations across Long Island along with virtual juried exhibits.

2. Online Art Market

Ever wonder how you can display and sell your beautiful images online without the hassle and expense of building and managing your own website and still earn 100% commission on all of your sales? Visit Photo Art to get started! 

Advance your photography portfolio’s visibility.

Since its inception, Long Island Photo Gallery’s motto has been a ‘Community With Opportunity.’  We are your complete management team supporting your photography sales with everything from website management and marketing, sales, production and shipping, credit card processing, and client services. Your membership with Long Island Photo Gallery covers all of the aforementioned business services.  We’ve discovered that these services give you the freedom to focus on your art and the creative process, thus growing your art portfolio and access to buyers.

Have your work actively marketed and available for sale to residential and commercial buyers through the Long Island Photo Gallery online art catalog.

Portfolio Review

Move your art portfolio forward with Long Island Photo Gallery.  Schedule an appointment for a portfolio review with one of Long Island Photo Gallery’s curators.  They’ll review your top 10-15 images.  After your portfolio review, they’ll go over all that Long Island Photo Gallery has to offer, how Long Island Photo Gallery operates, and how you can begin earning 100% commission from your online sales.  Choose a date and time that is convenient for your schedule.  The portfolio review takes about 30 minutes and can be done face to face or virtually via Zoom.  Additional instructions will be sent to you once you’ve scheduled a portfolio review appointment.



We understand that your time is valuable.  A majority of our member artists are working full-time jobs and seeking to spend quality time with their family, and friends while trying to squeeze in shooting and editing to grow their art portfolios.  Running a photography art sales business can be challenging.  That’s where Long Island Photo Gallery can help!  We manage the website, handle customer service, process credit cards, ship custom orders, collect and process sales tax, pay you 100% of the value you put on your art, manage social media marketing and email marketing, and expand your opportunity for success.

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