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About Long Island Photo Gallery

Long Island Photo Gallery  ‘A Community With Opportunity’

Long Island Photo Gallery started back in 2007 as an online shop displaying and selling local photographs of Long Island, New York. Created by Joanne Henig and Jessica Lempin; was a way to display and sell their passion-based art prints. Once launched, the site grew in popularity, with other photographers seeking to also display and sell their art with us. From there started a much grander notion of helping fellow art photographers.

As the site grew with art collectors and local photographers, the founders sought new ways to get the art in front of new potential viewers. From street fairs and local art fairs, library events, and so on. Our community of art photographers kept suggesting to start a physical gallery. 

In the summer of 2012, the brick-and-mortar Long Island Photo Gallery was created. We found a suitable location in Islip, New York on Main Street. This location was roughly in the heart of the South Shore of Long Island. 

During this time, Henig and Lempin, the founders of Long Island Photo Gallery expanded into developing exhibits and then to more structured juried-themed exhibits. But they didn’t stop there, they eventually started hosting photo classes, photo workshops, photography tours, critique nights, and much more. 

Speeding up to 2020, Covid was rough on many local businesses. As the in-person experience declined, the focus shifted to the web-based business. 

Back to basics for this company! 

The Long Island Photo Gallery company started as a dot com business and looked like the focus was falling back into that mold. Henig and Lempin decided not to renew the lease on the Islip location and had much larger goals. 

The Long Island Photo Gallery founders had visions of expanding the local online market experience. 

Henig and Lempin were already investing in the website experience when the pandemic hit in 2020. They loved coaching and helping fellow art photographers enhance their skills and knowledge while building their online portfolios. 

Since the start of Long Island Photo Gallery, Henig and Lempin have assisted photographers of all levels in displaying and selling their art online. With the pandemic in full swing, ‘why limit this to only Long Island? Our artists have traveled all around this world.’ With that thought, the name Photo Art Pavilion was born in October of 2021. Photo Art Pavilion is a custom-built online platform that was developed by Henig and Lempin and their talented Dev Team. 

Henig and Lempin are even more devoted to helping art photographers of Long Island and beyond with their art business. When constructing the new website, the focus was also to provide a clean and easy way for art buyers and collectors to find and order art for their space. The new online art marketplace is an exquisite collaboration for both sides. 

Since the gallery’s close in June of 2021, Henig and Lempin haven’t stopped seeking a way to hold their juried-themed exhibits. The Long Island Photo Gallery founders have partnered with venues across Long Island to preserve these incredible art shows. You can view the upcoming Open Calls and the On Display section to learn more about these local events. 

Henig and Lempin are thrilled to hold true to the motto they’ve been using for years. 

“Community With Opportunity”


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