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Get Motivated To Create

It is only this moment that counts,  Only this moment that matters.  Dwelling on anything else is pointless.  I kid you not!  Empty your mind of useless thoughts that do not bring you ‘feel good’ feelings and watch the creative magic unfold.

How can you be creative if you are dwelling on unexciting things?  Kind of impossible, right?  Yesterday is gone, if not forgotten, and tomorrow is not yet here, so why waste precious time and mental energy focused on the past or the future?  Focus on this wonderful present moment.
What is going on right now?  That is the question.  What makes you smile?  What colors do you see?  What textures give you a sense of wonder?  Have you taken a stroll in nature recently?  What ideas have you be hesitating  to bring to the forefront as a new, artistic expression?  What excites you energetically?  And what can you do right now to incorporate that energy into your ‘now’ and create something new and exciting for your own enjoyment?  Yes, your ‘own’ enjoyment!
Make each of your ‘nows’ more creative and watch the future of your artistic reach take care of itself, delightfully unplanned!


Joanne Henig is a co-founder of Long Island Photo Gallery and World Wide Photo Tours. She shares her art vision and knowledge with other photographers while assisting them in building a saleable art portfolio. Henig leads photography workshops and tours, curates local exhibits, holds photography skills workshops, and offers educational seminars for all level of photography experience.

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