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Easy As 1 -2 – 3

Do you have a little voice inside your head that steers you away from your photography goals? If you’ve tried and failed to reach your photography goals in the past, negative thoughts may be what’s holding you back. Try this 1 -2 – 3 approach for success.

First, you need to review your goals. Are they “pie in the sky” goals or realistic goals that you can visualize yourself completing or achieving? Stick with the latter. There is nothing worse than trying to be the over achiever. I’m not saying not to shoot for the moon. What I am saying is to set your goals based on where you are today and then let your goals build to help you travel the path to where you want to be.

Second, you need to have your goals written down. A piece of paper is fine. Some computers are equipped with simple software like To Do List makers, Stickies or a simple Note Pad. For me, it’s good old fashioned paper. My computer is for all the techie stuff I have to do each day. And that piece of paper is ever-present in front of me, regardless of what is going on on my computer. Whatever you decide to use, write your goals down.

Third, you need to act. One goal at a time. Just recently I was watching a video about ‘branding’. And I realized that I was doing a fairly good job of branding my photography business but, there were a few things missing. So I wrote down specific goals to achieve the end result of a complete branding of my business. One by one I completed the tasks and viola!, goal achieved! I would have missed a few steps along the way if I had not first, reviewed the goal; second, wrote the goal down; and third, acted on it.

Long Island Photo Gallery has some of the best photographic talent organized under one website. We all did not get there by sheer luck. We got there by setting and achieving goals.

Clear all negativity from your mind when reviewing your goals. Never say never! And make sure you shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll be among the stars!

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~ Joanne

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