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Weathered Whispers: Rural Charms of Long Island and Beyond

Weathered Whispers: Rural Charms of Long Island and Beyond Presented by Long Island Photo Gallery and Photo Art Pavilion.

The enchanting allure of rural life is set to take center stage at the upcoming juried exhibit, “Weathered Whispers: Rural Charms of Long Island and Beyond,” proudly presented by Long Island Photo Gallery and Photo Art Pavilion. This celebration of photographic art showcases the unique perspectives on the captivating beauty of Long Island’s countryside and the rural landscapes that extend far beyond our shores.

Event Details: “Weathered Whispers” Reception

Save the date for Saturday, March 30th, 2024, from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm, as the Southampton Cultural Center plays host to the grand reception of “Weathered Whispers: Rural Charms of Long Island and Beyond.” Located at 25 Pond Lane, Southampton, NY 11968, the center provides a picturesque backdrop for an event that promises to immerse attendees in the soul-stirring beauty of rural landscapes.

This exhibit goes beyond a mere visual feast; it’s an opportunity to bring these captivating works into your life. All artwork displayed during the event will be available for purchase, allowing art enthusiasts to carry a piece of Long Island’s rural charm into their homes.

📅 Save the Date
🗓️ Saturday, March 30th, 2024
🕛 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
📍 Southampton Cultural Center, 25 Pond Lane, Southampton, NY 11968

Meet the Esteemed Juror: Jacques Leblanc

A distinguished figure in the world of photography, Jacques Leblanc has lent his seasoned eye as the juror for this exhibition. With a legacy of capturing the very essence of Long Island since the early 1970s, Leblanc’s journey is as rich and diverse as the landscapes he immortalizes through his lens. Initially recognized for his prowess in black-and-white photography, Leblanc’s retirement from education in 2007 marked a pivotal moment in his artistic evolution.

Embracing the world of color photography, Leblanc’s transition coincided with a deep dive into the study of dreams, particularly Oneirology. In his words, “This is not the study of a dream’s meaning but rather their actual appearance.” This unique fusion of art and introspection promises to bring a fresh and thought-provoking dimension to the exhibition.

For an added visual treat,
Jacques Leblanc will also be displaying 12 of his fine art
prints in the lobby of the Southampton Cultural Center along with the main exhibit.

Featured Photographers: A Glimpse into the Artistic Landscape

The exhibit boasts a curated selection of nearly 50 stunning works from talented photographers, each offering a distinct perspective on the rural charms of Long Island and beyond. Among the selected artists are:

  • Amy Medina of DangRabbit Photography
  • Anthony Graziano
  • Ava Nederlander
  • Brianna Billotti
  • Danielle Leef
  • Dave Johns
  • Dawn Reilly
  • Erika Kuciw
  • Harold Naideau
  • Howard Pohl
  • Jack Calandra
  • James Slezak
  • Janis Hurley
  • Jennifer Voit
  • Jessica Wimmer
  • Kathleen Massi
  • Marie De Tullio
  • Michaelle Chapoteau
  • Mike Donnelly
  • Patricia Yancovitz
  • Paul Dempsey
  • Rachel Knox
  • Seamus Moran
  • Sharon Steinbach
  • Susan Saunders
  • Susan Visconti
  • William Grabowski

These diverse artists promise to transport viewers into the heart of rural landscapes, capturing the nuances and whispers of weathered charm that define these spaces.

Join Us on March 30th

We invite you to join us on March 30th at the Southampton Cultural Center to witness the magic of “Weathered Whispers: Rural Charms of Long Island and Beyond.” Immerse yourself in the beauty of these photographic narratives, and perhaps find the perfect piece to adorn your space. Let the weathered whispers guide you through a journey of art and rural charm that transcends boundaries and captivates the soul.


All artwork within this exhibit will be available for purchase.

Some of the pieces are also available through our online sales catalog,

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