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‘VOID OF COLOR’ Juried Exhibit Reception Re-Cap

On Saturday, March 25th, Long Island Photo Gallery held itsVoid of Color juried exhibit reception at the Southampton Cultural Center. Joanne Henig and Jessica Lempin, Co-founders of Long Island Photo Gallery, were thrilled with how powerful this exhibit turned out to be. The exhibit, which featured works from photographers around Long Island and beyond, was a stunning display of multi-subject art photography.

The exhibit itself was truly remarkable. Each photograph was carefully curated, and every piece held a certain impact. With an emphasis on the lack of color, the works presented a unique perspective on the world and the people or subjects in it.

TheVoid of Color exhibit was a testament to the power of photography and the impact that it can have. It was inspiring to see so many talented photographers all in one place, sharing their work and ideas.

Long Island Photo Gallery and selected juror Amy ‘DangRabbit’ Medina did an excellent job assembling this exhibit and creating an atmosphere that encouraged creativity and discussion.

Here are a few words from our select juror, Amy ‘Dangrabbit’ Media.

This was a tough competition, with hundreds of entrees and about 60 final pieces in the show. I took everything into account when looking at all these amazing works of art, including presentation. When the competition is so stiff, and in a gallery setting, it’s of course about the art, but also the print, the mounting and the framing too. 

Black and white photography, like all photography, is about composition and light and capturing a moment. But black and white specifically also challenges the photographer to create mood within the tones, and great contrast and processing is essential to the final piece. Even Ansel Adams wasn’t a purest, and often dodged and burned and worked his photos to achieve the perfect outcome. Whites should be white and blacks should be black, and carefully balancing of all the greys in between is imperative to not only a beautiful photograph, but one that captures the mood trying to be conveyed. Sometimes it might even mean blowing out some highlights or crushing some shadows, but the art is in finding that perfect balance for that piece.

Excellence In Photography Honorable Mentions

Florence Street by Nicole Esposito - VOID OF COLOR JURIED EXHIBIT RECEPTION- Long Island photo gallery

‘Florence Street’ by Nicole Esposito

Wonderful street photograph with great tones and warm lighting. It’s always a great testament to the photographer when it makes me want to be there myself in that moment.

Follow the Light by Jacques LeBlanc - VOID OF COLOR JURIED EXHIBIT RECEPTION- Long Island photo gallery

‘Follow the Light’ by Jacques LeBlanc

This one was quite unique. It has a painted-type treatment that I thought was very well done. It also gives off pin-hole camera vibes. I really like the atmosphere, and the leading lines of the road were so nice, helping to craft the mood.

Gale Storm by Alyson Betz - VOID OF COLOR JURIED EXHIBIT RECEPTION- Long Island photo gallery

‘Gale Storm’ by Alyson Betz

This is a great example of why photos need to be printed. While it looked great as a digital file on a monitor, it looks absolutely outstanding as a large metal print. I especially love that the wispy grass in the shadows was dramatic, without losing all the details to the black completely. 

Spring Thaw by Anthony Graziano - VOID OF COLOR JURIED EXHIBIT RECEPTION- Long Island photo gallery

‘Spring Thaw’ by Anthony Graziano

I’ve found myself more intrigued by abstract-style photos lately, and the use of long exposure and terrific contrast just makes me love this photo. 

B-25J Mitchell Bomber by Steve Mitchell - VOID OF COLOR JURIED EXHIBIT RECEPTION- Long Island photo gallery

‘B-25J Mitchell Bomber – Panchito’ by Steve Mitchell

This exciting photo captures the motion of the airplane in an exceptional way… the plane was frozen in time,  it still conveys a sense of motion. Steve did a great job capturing a majestic range of tones and the final piece has a great look.

Ice Grating by Dave Johns - VOID OF COLOR JURIED EXHIBIT RECEPTION- Long Island photo gallery

Ice Grating by Dave Johns

I kept wanting to look at this one. I love when someone uses their eye to capture something ordinary in an extraordinary way. Dave did a superb job capturing the contrast and texture and creating a cool work of art.

3rd Place Excellence In Photography Award

Katla Ice Cave by Dawn Reilly - VOID OF COLOR JURIED EXHIBIT RECEPTION- Long Island photo gallery

Katla Ice Cave by Dawn Reilly

This photo has fantastic composition and capture of motion… the texture and movement are wonderful. The drips of water from the top of the cave really make the shot and draw the viewer in, with playful whimsy and lovely texture.

2nd Place Excellence In Photography Award

Pockets of Light by Eileen Kotak - VOID OF COLOR JURIED EXHIBIT RECEPTION- Long Island photo gallery

Pockets of Light by Eileen Kotak

To me, this was reminiscent of Henri Cartier-Bresson, capturing that perfect moment. The darks and lights were perfect, and the entire piece is an exceptional example of the use of contrast and light.


1st Place Excellence In Photography Award

Aviator by Stanley Philippe Cadet - VOID OF COLOR JURIED EXHIBIT RECEPTION- Long Island photo gallery

Aviator by Stanley Philippe Cadet

Both works from this photographer were fantastic.

The photo is stunning, and even with the incredible competition in this show, it still stood out from the pack. 

It’s an amazing subject, with incredible lighting and mood. This is more than just a portrait… it is truly a work of art, and a spectacular photo that tells an interesting story. Stanley, your work is truly inspirational.


Here are a few captures from the reception!

The ‘VOID OF COLOR’ Juried Exhibit will be on display until March 31st , 2023 at Southampton Cultural Center. All artwork within the exhibit is on display and available for purchase. Please visit or call the Long Island Photo Gallery with any inquiries at 1(888) 600-5474.

All artwork within the exhibit is on display and available for purchase. Please visit or call the Long Island Photo Gallery with any inquiries at 1(888) 600-5474.


Aline Rizk – Canyon De Chelly
Alyson Betz – Braided and Ready & Gale Storm
Andy Ilachinski – Quiet Sentinel & Zen Reeds
Anthony Graziano – Spring Thaw & The Midst of Creation
Ava Nederlander – Listening Ear of the Sky
Barbara Crane – The King
Caitlin McNeil – Into the Unknown
Danielle Giglio – Davis Sunrise
Dave Johns – Ice Grating 4
Dawn Reilly – Katla Ice Cave & Mýrdalsjökull
Eileen Kotak – Pockets of Light
Gregory Bracco- Crossroads Of The World
Henry Mangels – Melville Park
Ildiko Tillmann – Lilies in Black and White
Jack Calandra – Frozen Pylons #1
Jacques LeBlanc – Follow The Light
James Slezak – Granulated
Janis Hurley – Full Frontal
Jennifer Voit – Adventure Ahead
John Henderson – Grand Teton National Park
Jonathan Aries – Muted Emotions 7
Joseph Dean – Havana Market
Joseph Gattulli – Grass & Rope1
JP Naughton – Sacrifice
Kathleen Massi – Ready Ranch Dog
Kelli Westfal – Keep off the Dunes
Ken Whitehead – Waiting for the Sun
Krystle DeNicola – The Black Dahlia
Michael O’Connor – Hurricane Wave, Dune Rd & SpeckledPup
Michael Donnelly – Rocks and Sea
Michaelle Chapoteau – Champion
Michelle Nickerson – Spotlight
Nicole Esposito – Florence Street & Montauk Surfboards
Paul Cousins – Hotel California
Paul Dempsey – Ice Capades
Phillip Tallon – First Frost
Rachel Knox – Boys Seine 1
Robert Guido – Impromptu Fashion
Roy Schneider – Down By The Sea
Sarah Christ – Halloween Boat Burning
Saulmon Addison – My Brother
Seamus Moran – Backyard Tetons
Stanley Cadet – Aviator & Point
Steve Caputo – And When That Foghorn Blows & Smooth & Rough
Steve Mitchell – B-25 Panchito
Teresa Alfieri – Cascading Ripple & Going Down


Until March 31st, 2023
The Southampton Cultural Center
25 Pond Lane, Southampton, NY 11968


Amy Medina, known online as DangRabbit Photography, often says, “I tend to look at the world a little differently than most and capture it creatively through my photography.” Her primary subjects are seascapes, landscapes, architecture, and everyday life, but she has also been known to shoot street photography, abandoned buildings, and other interesting subjects. Amy has been honored to receive several awards and has had her work displayed in Times Square, on television, and in galleries and magazines. In addition, her work has been featured by the International Center of Photography and is a part of the permanent collection at the Museum of the City of New York. As well as being an accomplished fine art photographer, she is a member of the Professional Photographers Association and is a working commercial photographer, so you will almost never find her without a camera.

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