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Transformations Through Art

Here at Long Island Photo Gallery, we’ve been helping people since 2007 with transforming their homes, office space, or even large commercial buildings with artwork. There have even been studies that show how artwork can help boost morale in an office setting. Just imagine on a smaller scale, the ability to lift one’s spirit with new artwork at home.

We’re all programmed to work forty-plus hours each week, which means we aren’t home much. We don’t truly use all of our rooms to the fullest potential. When COVID hit we all had to adjust; for most of us that meant working from home and making do with what we already had in place.

Fine art photographer Alyson Betz had a different thought. She wanted her space to help her become more focused, and help to spark her creative flow and genius. Let’s hear from Alyson …

“Sitting one day in the room I had turned into an office, crammed with papers, computers, mismatched furniture from my and my husband’s pre-married lives, I looked around. And I realized that between a demanding work from home job and my photography, I would be spending 50+ hours in this room for a long time to come.

I said to myself – “I can’t do this.” What I needed was a change – a new workspace that encouraged productivity, creativity, and a place that brought me joy. A ‘she-shed’ that reflected my story.

But how to make that change? I thought about what was important – family, friends, memories, my passion for wildlife conservation. And of course, photography, most especially the photographs I have taken, meant something personal to me.

But it’s one thing to want something different and another to pull it off. So I engaged Sandra of Sandra Asdourian Interiors, who designs beautiful spaces for her clients that reflect unique values.

I told Sandra about my need for simplicity and a calm space to work and create. About how my family and friends have prodded me to display more of my photography at home so they can enjoy the pictures when they visit. And how working from home seems to make everyone yearn for a way to connect to what’s unique in each other.”

Sandra Asdourain Interior Design firm had a significant job at hand,
working on incorporating many elements into Alyson’s project.

“At the beginning of any design project. My firm, Sandra Asdourian Interiors, meets with our clients to discuss their design goals. Alyson Betz wanted to utilize her home to its full potential she shared with her husband, John. My clients wanted a modern design aesthetic with a coastal flair, clean lines, and with a love of travel and nature. We worked on many rooms of the home. But the one that was to be Alyson’s home office, we wanted to bring her own fine art photography into the design plan. Working with concept boards on furniture, lighting, rugs, artwork, and accessories we finalized the design.

Concept Board of Alyson’s Home Office “Point & View “

We choose the photography that pulled the design together. Working with the Long Island Photo Gallery on the framing and the type of medium. Next was the placement of the photography, family paintings and art from my client’s travels was key.

We love how Alyson’s new home office reflects her personality and love for world travel.”

Sandra was brilliant in helping Alyson enhance her space to become a reflection of her wants and needs. These changes have improved her professional abilities while working from home. Alyson is beyond thrilled …

“The result is more than I could have hoped for. When I enter this room, I see both a streamlined aesthetic and joyful color that calms me, and a design that enhances the keepsakes, family paintings, and love of New York that have deep personal meaning for me. And the wildlife photographs I have taken bring me the happiest memories!

I knew we were on the right track when my co-workers stopped Zoom meetings to comment on my photography, and we get to share experiences we might have never talked about otherwise.”

Are you thinking about enhancing your space?

Explore Long Island Photo Gallery‘s vast fine art catalog at Our artists, such as Alyson Betz, have incredible portfolios that will help to enhance your space. Not sure how to plan your room and put it all together, no problem! Sandra Asdourian Interiors can help you either in person or with a virtual meeting.


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