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This Is Huge!

I’ve been dancing around these characters on my computer keyboard for over a week now, trying to come up with a great topic for all of our members.  I was supposed to do a piece on the fantastic time we all had at the Atlantis Aquarium, but Mother Nature dumped nearly two feet of snow on us and, ‘viola’, another field trip and blog post thwarted!

So before the weather gets too nice and all of Spring has sprung, please refocus your photography minds and efforts on two HUGE things in this blog post.

First –  your NEW Long Island Photo Gallery website, your NEW Fire Island Photography website, your NEW Members area, your NEW Photography Resource area and your NEW Photography Equipment area.

Photography Equipment For Sale

Whoa guys! (I said this was HUGE!)

All of this has been revamped and expanded to drive more visitors (a.k.a. shoppers) to us all.

I want to send out a HUGE thank you to Jessica Hirschmann who has been working like a woman possessed with this for a couple of months!  It would mean the world to ME … if YOU … would take a moment to post a THANK YOU to Jessica.  She deserves our collective praise for making us all look great!

Second – our Print Gallery located at 1650 Sycamore Ave, Bohemia needs your print work!  We have NEW prints on the walls in Bohemia and want to continue to build our physical gallery.  We are looking to advertise the Bohemia gallery to the public and want each of you to have something hanging in the gallery and marked “For Sale”.  Call me!  I want to help grow our physical gallery into the real deal and to sell, sell, sell for you.

Bohemia, NY Print Photograph Gallery

Short, but SWEET!  As always, we welcome your comments.  And don’t forget to post a thank you to Jessica!

~ Joanne


loans says:

I want to thank the blogger very much not only for this post but also for his all previous efforts. I found to be extremely interesting. I will be coming back to for more information.

Jame Wenke says:

I stumbled onto your blog and read a few post. I like your style of writing.

Joanne says:

Many thanks Jame, Please make sure you subscribe to our RSS feed and pass us along.

Tomy Brunhuber says:

Everything looks great. You guys are do/are doing a great job. Can’t wait to get my stuff to you.

Mike Stein says:

The site looks better than ever… kudos to Jessica and Joanne — you are both doing terrific work! There is nothing else like this for photography on Long Island.

Alanna says:

This is a fantastic website… lots of great information and easy to use.
Thank you for all of your hardwork.

Steve says:

Great news all the way around! The website looks fantastic! Thank you for all the time and effort!

This is a great time for all LIPG customers and members!! We have been making HUGE changes to our site and also to what we can offer our members! Thank you everyone for viewing the new site.

Kim says:

This is all GREAT news.. thanks to you all over at LIPG for all the hard work you do !!

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