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The Importance of ART in the Office Space

Now that all of the holiday decorations have come down, is it safe to say that your office looks more like the stark vistas of Antarctica?  Is it someones’ cruel joke to affirm that a tiny plant on everyone’s desk will increase productivity and provide the proper amount of aesthetics?  Unless you are the person that occupies the corner office, right about now you’re looking around your work environment and noticing the bleakness of the drab walls and how these surroundings are draining the very joy out of you.  You may want to drop this article into your boss’s lap to help explain how you feel and to bring about simple yet positive changes for you and your fellow staffers.

Listen up business managers and owners.  It’s 2014!  The economy is tricky.  You need to get the most out of your team.  Right?  So, if you’re looking to boost productivity for your company you’ll need to begin to consider the day to day happiness of your staff.  And we’re not just talking free coffee and donuts every Friday morning.  You see, by lifting the mood of your employees on a daily basis, they are likely to become more productive, burnout less and assimilate into the company’s work ethic more easily.


Based on the title of this article I bet you’ve figured out what I’m going to suggest you do.  To boost productivity and overall moral, try introducing something into the workplace that evokes subliminal happiness all day long.  It’s called ART.  To be more specific, fine ART.

ART makes the workplace more appealing and attractive.  It makes the staff and visitors feel included, valued and cared for and artwork elevates a person’s happiness.  ART is inspirational, provokes thought and can easily provide a connection between cultural or economic differences within your organization.

In fact, it is safe to say that your company is not just improving the overall moral of its staff but it is also contributing to the ART community and economy when it decorates its office spaces with select genres of fine ART.  Long Island Photo Gallery knows it has contributed to the Long Island economy and revitalization of commercial real estate across Long Island through the permanent displays of artwork in numerous lobbies, board rooms, waiting rooms, private offices, hotel rooms, banks, restaurants, hospitals and airports.

Long Island Photo Gallery represents over 60 dedicated, professional photographers who are adding to their portfolios daily.  The collective portfolio we possess is extensive, fairly priced and outstanding.

We have experience in working with private, as well as government, organizations and represent our customers’ best interests at all times.  We offer a complete customized artwork selection, custom framing or reframing, concept development, project evaluation, sales or leasing, financing, and installation.
Discuss with us how we can help supply you with artwork for your office space that requires distinctive pieces to complete any decorating requirement.
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