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The Contemplative Eye Of Stan Dzugan

Since his teens, Stan Dzugan has been drawn to photography as an expression of art. Something so simple in concept, yet endlessly provoking, continually intrigued him. He experimented with the use of light and other techniques in the darkroom. When he held a finished print in his hands he felt accomplished. He cut his photographic teeth using 35mm film in the 70s and worked with the infamous Kodachrome 25. This gave Stan a better understanding of what made a photograph emotional and memorable. This love has now become a lifelong study for Stan.

“I’ve always been intrigued by how the art of photography could provoke thought, emotion, or even just a second look and smile”, remarks Stan. “Exploring basic concepts such as exposure, light, & composition through the lens of my now vintage 1973 Nikon F2 Photomic quickly excited a passion that has endured to this day. Having spent 40 years in corporate America, retirement has now allowed me the luxury of further exploring the passion of photography as an art.

Some of his most beautiful creations come from time spent on Maine’s rocky coast, studying the seductive lines of timeless automobile designs, or the simple beauty of everyday life on Long Island’s beaches. They are all starting points for Stan to stop and take a second look through the camera lens. Aiming to capture an image that has the potential of provoking an emotional response in someone else is his primary reason for the pursuit.  

“Increasingly interesting to me is creating a photograph that captures pure simplicity & minimalist views. The offset these images afford to the sensory overload that’s all too common nowadays is very powerful.  The single tree, loan boat, muted landscape – can serve as cause for a well-needed pause.”

We hope you take a minute to view, ponder, and enjoy the exquisite photography of Stan Dzugan. May it provide you as much pleasure as it has for him in creating his images.  

It’s been fun for me to reacquaint myself with Stan’s outstanding portfolio. I truly hope that you take the time to explore the fine art photography of Stan Dzugan.

Creatively yours,


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