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Save Thousands On NEW Lenses

So, I was reading last months issue of one of my many photography magazine subscriptions and there was this whole review about the “latest and greatest” camera lenses that were new to the market.  This type of reading always catches my eye because I’m such a sucker for the “latest and greatest” anything.  And just days before that article landed on my desk I was commenting to myself about how my current lens just wasn’t cutting it.  The images are not as sharp as I would like them to be and I spend too much time in Photoshop adjusting “things”.  “Things” that a “great piece of glass” should do.


What’s a photographer to do?  GO SHOPPING!  I shopped around for what I believed will be the next lens to take up residence in my camera bag.  I found the one I wanted.  I bookmarked it in my browser.  I was ready to buy it.  But when I went back the following day to my bookmark the lens had gone up in price by $350!  I guess I’ll stick with the lens I have for now.

But wait!  There is a way to have your lens and use it too.  A fellow photography friend of mine reminded me that there are companies that provide all types of camera lenses for rental use.  That’s right!  Rent not buy.  For a 90% cheaper price tag than purchasing, you can rent, use and test lenses for your camera in the convenience of your own home or studio.  When you’re done with it or the rental term has come to an end just send it back.  This trial and error process will save you thousands of dollars on NEW camera lenses.

A few of the better online companies are,,, and

Do your research.  For example, if you are in a hurry it may be important to know where they ship from (East or West Coast).  But no matter where you rent from, read the rental agreements and damage and insurance policies carefully.

Happy shooting!

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