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Portrait Lighting Essentials

This past Saturday we stirred sleepy-eyed photographers from their beds and gathered them at ‘Studio 1650’, our Long Island Photo Gallery home office.  There, we setup a backdrop and some amazing photography equipment and did a quick seminar on Portrait Lighting Essentials.

LIPG member Mark Stumpf gave our group a 90 minute demonstration on how to setup the camera, the camera’s white balance, the umbrella lights with soft boxes, off camera flash lighting, back lighting, reflectors and more.  He did a really wonderful demonstration.

We all had a great experience.  Each of us were put in the most uncomfortable position of all, in FRONT of the camera.  Most photographers dread staring into the lens and being the subject.  But a lot of us got some really good head shots of themselves which they can use for their websites, facebook pages or, as in my case, a target for darts!

Thanks again to Mark for leading us.  If you have any specific questions about Portrait Lighting Essentials, please feel free to contact LIPG.  We would be happy to share our knowledge with you anytime!

~ Joanne Henig

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