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Photo-Liminalism, the name Holly Gordon ascribes to her current process, has been evolving for nearly two decades. Liminal describes a transitional period where the order of acceptability is in flux and a new order of acceptance has not yet been established.  The invention of photography rocked the conventional world of painting.  Today technology is revolutionizing photography as we know it.  A new era is upon us.


“The Pinkham Ryer inchworm dangling in mid-air without concrete footing metaphor comes to mind as an accurate descriptor of my current creative position. The complexity of this process has no pattern, established platform, label or accurate vocabulary”,  describes Gordon.


The starting point of each image is a photographic file.  Holly organically creates each work by building layer upon layer, much like the way painting is developed with glazes and washes.  While there is no predetermined plan, her extensive art background and history guides each outcome.  The original photographic files are a part of the current Photo-Liminalism artwork now on exhibit in the Long Island Photo Gallery on Main Street in Islip, New York.


Long Island has a rich history in inspiring artists. French artist, Jean Dubuffet said that “it is the artist’s job to invent and not to replicate”.  Gordon’s art is not replicating painting but moving photography beyond that which we know. Perhaps it will be part of a new chapter in art history.

Holly Gordon’s artwork is currently on display in the Long Island Photo Gallery.  Contact Long Island Photo Gallery at 1-888-600-5474 for optimal viewing hours.

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