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Photo 101 offered at Long Island Photo Gallery!

Long Island Photo Gallery encourages everyone who wants to photograph, capture, and create beautiful imagery to learn, no matter what level you are! For those of you beginning to gain knowledge or staring at your new DSLR camera asking “Why did I buy this?” Long Island Photo Gallery, located in Islip, NY offers instructional Photo 101 classes!




These classes will allow you to gain knowledge, direction, and feel confident by the time you are shooting by yourself or with a friends  in your favorite area of Long Island. The classes are offer a step by step process of understanding how your camera works and how you can use it to your benefit, despite natural elements.

If you are interested in getting started right now, sign up by clicking  the Buy Now button above and you will be enrolled and contacted to start your classes with Long Island Photo Gallery Curator and Owner Joanne!


For more questions concerning our Photo 101 course, contact Long Island Photo Gallery at 1 888 600-5474.

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