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Parallel Perspectives: The Brush/Lens Collaboration

By Holly Gordon and Ward Hooper

Preface by Denise Bibro

Narrative by Bree Shirvell

This is an art book about two local artists, painter and photographer, who came together, viewed their mediums as equals rather than as adversaries, to collaborate and make something new, something special, of value to artists, thinkers and dreamers everywhere.

  • It is a heart book…a story of life and loss…and found…and future
  • It is a book about history…. repeating it and writing a next chapter

Social media was the meeting ground for Ward Hooper and Holly Gordon

Two paintings started the conversation that led to their collaboration and friendship. Ward posted a painting from his commuter series, then Holly posted her response –also a commuter image from a series she had been doing.

Long Island City, Ward Hooper 
Night Lights, Holly Gordon

This book is the visual roadmap of their journey, much of it inspired by our Long Island landscape. Their art jumps off each page, their running dialog, paired with their images, welcome you, the reader, to join an intimate and personal conversation. It is an amazing and an inspiring journey.

Spring Blooms, Ward Hooper                        
Spring Blooms, Ward Hooper                        

Long Island has long served as fertile ground for generations of artists, Pollock and Krasner, Willem and Elaine DeKooning, Fairfield Porter, Helen Frankenthaler, Arthur Dove and Helen Torr, Cindy Sherman…many of whom sought out this corner of the world for inspiration, reflection and a place to work.

Twin Ponds, Ward Hooper   
  Autumn Rhythm, Holly Gordon


Holly and Ward’s emerging collaboration led to their research on the history of art on Long Island, and the discovery of uncanny parallels with the lives and work of Arthur Dove and Helen Torr. These two early American abstract artists, lived, loved and worked on the North Shore of Long Island 75 years before Holly and Ward developed their relationship.

Cold Spring Harbor Pond, Ward Hooper 
Indian Summer, Holly Gordon


Drobo:BookStuffRemevedFromDROPBOX:Holly-Ward-Book-Dropbox:Part2b-Dove-Torr Images:001--Holly-Gordon_Yellow-Sun_6813.jpg
Yellow Sun, Holly Gordon
Drobo:BookStuffRemevedFromDROPBOX:Holly-Ward-Book-Dropbox:Part2b-Dove-Torr Images:001--ArthurDove-Orange-Sun-similar-Holly-Yellow-Sun.jpg
Red Sun, Arthur Dove


Drobo:BookStuffRemevedFromDROPBOX:Holly-Ward-Book-Dropbox:Part2b-Dove-Torr Images:002--Ward-Hooper_Race-Day.jpg
Race Day, Ward Hooper  
Drobo:BookStuffRemevedFromDROPBOX:Holly-Ward-Book-Dropbox:Part2b-Dove-Torr Images:002--Arthur-Dove-similar-compositon-to-Race-Day.jpg
Untitled Centerport #2, Arthur Dove


As Ward took Holly into his past life and work, Holly began creating a new photographic art form she has named Photo-Liminalism. The order of acceptability is in flux, and a new order of acceptance has not yet been established, much as was the case for Impressionism, when that new style was first seen, and neither understood nor accepted. 

Beachy Keen, Holly Gordon
Fiery Fallow, Holly Gordon


In turn, Holly’s work has rekindled in Ward a desire to paint again, and now Ward is sketching, painting in watercolors and acrylics with gusto. He reports that it is remarkable for a 90 year old to feel like 30 again when holding a paintbrush. 

Drobo:BookStuffRemevedFromDROPBOX:Holly-Ward-Book-Dropbox:Part3c--Ward-Creativity as INSPIRATION-for living:025--Ward-Hooper--Stonybrook-GristMill.jpg
Stony Brook Grist Mill, Ward Hooper 
Drobo:BookStuffRemevedFromDROPBOX:Holly-Ward-Book-Dropbox:Part3c--Ward-Creativity as INSPIRATION-for living:026--Ward-Hooper-Bayard-Cutting-Barn.jpg
                        Bayard Cutting Arboretum Barn, Ward Hooper

Every exhibit and gallery talk and invitation to exhibit and talk fueled our determination to have our story become a book.

When a colleague suggested that we share some of our expanding material with renown book designer Bonnie Briant, she was immediately taken by our art and stirred by ethos. Her book proposal grew into the entire book design. Book packager/agent David Wilk was unstoppable in seeing that Parallel Perspectives: The Brush/Lens Collaboration becomes a reality. It is being printed now and on Amazon for pre-order. 

Ward Hooper & Holly Gordon
Macintosh HD:Users:hollygordon:Desktop:Holly-Ward-Book-Dropbox copy:20170914-Anna-LIPulse:9--DSC_0041.jpg
Holly Gordon & Ward Hooper

Anticipated delivery is October 2020. Virtual book talks can be arranged.

Additional material can be viewed at

It’s been fun for me to reacquaint myself with Holly and Ward’s collaborative project. I’ve followed this project from its inception and it’s really inspiring to see all that has developed through hard work and perseverance. I truly hope that you take the time to explore the Brush Lens Project.

Creatively yours,


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