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Weathered Whispers: Rural Charms of Long Island and Beyond

Long Island Photo Gallery & Photo Art Pavilion is delighted to formally invite art photographers seeking to partake in a splendid showcase of rural life art photography. ‘Weathered Whispers: Rural Charms of Long Island and Beyond’ juried exhibit represents a distinguished celebration of the visual tapestry that illustrates rural landscapes.

The selected art will grace the esteemed Southampton Cultural Center, situated in Southampton, New York, during the exhibit and reception, offering the audience an opportunity to appreciate your art. All art will be available for sale during this timeframe.

In this exceptional exhibition, our objective is to unveil the captivating allure of beauty in rural art, as seen through the discerning lens of talented photographers.

Our Open Call, “Weathered Whispers: Rural Charms of Long Island and Beyond,” is designed to serve as a catalyst for inspiration, stimulating meaningful dialogues and transporting viewers to uncharted realms of rural perception. We welcome you to join us in this pursuit of excellence and artistry event.

We invite you to participate in this juried open call.

Weathered Whispers: Rural Charms of Long Island and Beyond.

Selected Juror: Jacques Leblanc

We are privileged to welcome Jacques Leblanc as our esteemed juror. With a rich history of capturing the essence of Long Island through the lens, Jacques’ experience and discerning eye promise to elevate this exhibition to new heights.

Jacques Leblanc has been documenting the landscapes and communities of Long Island since the early 1970s. His passion for photography has led him to explore the intricate details of Long Island’s towns and homes. While he was already well-established as a black-and-white photographer, Jacques underwent a transformative journey after retiring from his career in education in 2007. He wholeheartedly embraced the world of color photography.

Reflecting on this transition, Jacques shared, “During this same period, I was spending a great deal of time studying dreams, or more specifically, Oneirology. This is not the study of a dream’s meaning but rather their actual appearance.” Jacques’ unique perspective and dedication to the craft of photography make him an invaluable addition to this exhibit.

This open call is for all who have a passion for photography.

If you are a professional photographer or someone who enjoys photography as an art form, we want to see your best work. Whether you prefer to capture the scene with a DSLR, a point-and-shoot, a smartphone, or anything else, we are looking for creative images and interesting perspectives that fulfill the theme of this exhibit. We do not have a requirement on how you capture your photography, it just has to produce a high-quality print medium for the exhibit.


First Place: $125.
Second place: $100.
Third place: $75.

REQUIREMENTS (please read carefully):

Media: Photography
Total Entry Images: Maximum: 5
Total Exhibit Images: Maximum: 3
Entry Fee: $35.00

  • All submissions must be free of any watermarks or branding.  
  • Photos should be in digital format, ideally in JPEG format.
  • Submit up to 5 digital images at 72 dpi, with the largest edge being 1500 – 2000 pixels long.
  • The filename must contain the image title.
  • Submissions will be accepted through February 11th, 2024.
  • Only photographically based works depicting the theme will be considered.
  • The entry fee is $35 for five images to be considered and is non-refundable.
  • If your image(s) are selected for this open call, you permit Long Island Photo Gallery & Photo Art Pavilion to display the artwork on our website and social media outlets. All images in this show will be displayed with the title and your name assigned to it.


Open Call Deadline: February 11th, 2024

Notification of Acceptance: February 16th, 2024

Art Drop-off / Art Installation: March 11th, 2024, 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM

Artist Reception & Awards: March 30th, 2024 from 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Art Pickup: March 30th, 2024 from  2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Location: Southampton Cultural Center, Southampton, New York

(Art drop off and pick up for this event is a must. We can not hold on to your artwork.)


All submitted artists will be notified via email by the end of the day on February 16th, 2024.

  • Excellence In Photography Awards will be announced at the reception.
  • Social media – winners will be announced online after the reception.
  • Award winners will receive their awards at the reception and will be asked to share a bit about their winning image.
  • Award payments will presented at the reception.

If you do not receive a notification on this date, please check your SPAM/JUNK folder first, then contact Photo Art Pavilion: OPENCALL@PHOTOARTPAVILION.COM or 1 (888) 217-7748.

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