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Online Fine Art Catalog

Did you know that Long Island Photo Gallery’s website is a fine art catalog?

That’s right. Our catalog (aka website) has an in-depth collection of artwork. The photography created by our artists is just amazing, from our beautiful island to across the USA and even beyond our borders. The scenes and moments captured would be a great addition.

In the past few months, our artists have been hard at work with creating and sharing their art with the world.

Thank you to the following artists who’ve shared their art with and with all of you. DangRabbit, Susan Solomon, Linda Curran, Richard LaBella, Jack Calandra, Jessica Lempin, Stan Dzugan, Deborah Kittner, Kathleen Nolan-Kasal, Keith Rossein, Anne Cognato, Barbara Lobosco, and Alyson Betz. You can CLICK HERE to view all of the recently added photography.

Long Island Photo Gallery is also displaying fine art photography online by these fine artists.
Anne Palermo, Andrew Craig, Andrew Maugeri, Anthony Auciello, Anthony Graziano, Barbara Bedell, Bob Farrell, Bridgette Kistinger, Calvin Henderson, Carole Amodeo, Christiane Jancke, David Mierowsky, Deborah Kittner, Ed Swonger, Edith Friedrichs, Eric Smalkin, Frank Margiotta, Fred Greco, Gregory Wagner, Hollie Miller, Holly Gordon, Jacqueline Soraire, Jacques LeBlanc, Jerome Goldstein, Jim Sabiston, Joanne Henig, Joe Cintorino, Joe Vigilis, Joel Kleiner, Joshua Schaffel, Joseph Secker, Justin Bolobanic, Kathleen Desiderio, Kathleen Massi, Kelli Westfal, Kelly Teleglow, Krystle DiNicola, Linda Karlin, Maria Pulice, Mary DeCaprio, Mauro Lepe, Marzena Grabczynska, Maude Renganeschi, Michael Witten, Mike Stein, Neshan Koulian, Rob Heubish, Robert Delaney, Robert Retnauer, Saulmon Addison, Scott Dere, Stephen Hopper, Suraiya Afsana, Tara Dawn Chiusano, Tom Rickard, Vicki Jauron, Victor Carlin, Vince Colatriano, Xavier Yondvale

All artwork is available for purchase with Long Island Photo Gallery. You can shop our catalog to have custom art created for your space.

Need help shopping? No problem, Long Island Photo Gallery can help you. We are able to help you determine the right size and medium that will enhance your space. We work one-on-one for both residential and commercial clients. We provide the same service no matter how large or small the space.

Visit the gallery to browse and shop while helping support local artists. Long Island Photo Gallery is always open to the general public and is committed to representing award-winning professional and emerging artists in photography.

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Jessica Lempin & Joanne Henig
Co-Founders / Curators / Fine Art Photographers

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