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On Display: Richard LaBella

Long Island Photo Gallery is proud to display artwork by the award-winning Long Island Photographer, Richard LaBella.

Long Island Photo Gallery is currently showing three beautifully custom made pieces here in Islip, NY. You must see LaBella’s caliber of detail and styling in person. The images he continually presents to Long Island Photo Gallery are sharp, perfectly exposed, and just brilliant with the overall composition.

‘Settling In II’ by Richard LaBella
12″ X 36″ Metal print – $550.00
Long Island Photo Gallery – 467 Main Street, Islip NY – 888.600.5474

Rich LaBella has been displaying his beautiful artwork with Long Island Photo Gallery for the past eight years. During this time, LaBella has been developing and honing his online portfolio along with continually delivering new art to the gallery for display in Islip, NY.

Lighting the Way’ by Richard LaBella
24″ X 30″ Metal Print – $750.00
Long Island Photo Gallery – 467 Main Street, Islip NY – 888.600.574

Get to know Richard LaBella

I photograph mostly nautical and wildlife themes, concentrating on our shorelines & bays, yachting, the bridges, wetlands, lighthouses, wildlife, flowers, and the unique things that make living near & on the water on Long Island and elsewhere a special experience.

Early in life, I realized that we tend to be oblivious to much of the beauty that surrounds us. I am an advocate of bringing awareness of that often-overlooked beauty in nature and wildlife behavior through my work. I prefer dynamic images to static “portraits” and try to bring a better appreciation & understanding of our world through showing the interaction of nature, creatures, objects, and places that we might not notice around us.

Over the years, through a better understanding of light & composition, my work has matured into a sizeable portfolio of quality photographs.

I have been particularly influenced by both Art Wolfe’s & Chas Glatzer’s approach to photography. Through Art Wolfe, I learned to approach my works based on the principles of composition to bring out the beauty of nature & the environment. Chas Glatzer showed me that “light illuminates, shadow defines” and that a three-dimensional image was indeed possible in a two-dimensional medium. With that foundation and the help of many talented Nature & Wildlife photographers, I was able to develop and fine-tune my visionary approach, technical execution, and post-processing skills in producing fine art which accentuates the interaction of light and color.

“I hope my work brings you as much enjoyment as it gave me in composing and capturing the beauty of our environment.” – Rich LaBella, 2012

Full Moon through the Fire Island Light Lamproom’ by Richard LaBella
20″ X 23″ Metal print – $650.00
Long Island Photo Gallery – 467 Main Street, Islip NY – 888.600.574

All artwork created by Rich LaBella is available for purchase with Long Island Photo Gallery. You can shop LaBella’s online portfolio to have custom art created for your space.

Need help shopping? No problem, Long Island Photo Gallery can help you. We are able to help you determine the right size and medium that will enhance your space. We work one-on-one for both residential and commercial clients. We provide the same service no matter how large or small the space.

Visit the gallery to support, local artists.

We are also currently featuring and displaying artwork by these very talented Long Island Photographers as well: Alyson Betz, Andrew Craig, Anthony Graziano, DangRabbit, Deborah Kittner, Frank Margiotta, Holly Gordon, Jerry Goldstein, Jessica Lempin, Jim Sabiston, Joe Cintorino, Joanne Henig, Joe Vigilis, Kathleen Massi, Linda Curran, Maria Pulice, Maude Renganeschi, Mike Stein, Richard LaBella, Saulmon Addison, Vince Colatriano, and Stephen Hopper

Long Island Photo Gallery – 467 Main Street, Islip NY – 888.600.5474

Long Island Photo Gallery is always open to the general public and is committed to representing local award-winning professional and emerging artists in photography.

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