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Limited Edition Fine Art with Holly Gordon

Long Island Photo Gallery is pleased to share with you that there is now a Limited Edition Fine Art Wall within our gallery space. This wall is dedicated to photographers who have created a series of artwork that will only have a certain amount of prints to be purchased and displayed. One of our Pro-Prime members has graciously added her creative and unique series to our walls.

“Dockside Series” by Holly Gordon 


“Dockside Series” displayed at Long Island Photo Gallery

By clicking on the image or name above you can view this series or more of Holly Gordon’s photographs on!


Holly Gordon is currently displaying Dockside Series which is composed of three photographs (“Dockside #1, #2, and #3). Holly is known for the painterly aesthetic reflected in her photographs. This particular series originated from her collaborative Brush/Lens project with artist Ward Hooper in 2014. Her photographs have always been pushing the traditional ideas of photography forward and her work allows others to reevaluate what they are viewing. “She calls her art beyond photography—because it its origin was a photograph, be it traditional or digital. Created in camera with manual settings that she controls and adjusts, her camera is an extension of her brain and soul….but sometimes Holly’s intuitive vision wants to go further…”

We are happy to share this wonderful opportunity to present and have available Limited Edition Fine Art Photo Series’. Her series is limited to 10 prints for each photograph in the series at a size of approximately 28″ x 20″. If you are interested in this entire series or one of the photographs from this series feel free to contact Long Island Photo Gallery or stop in to take a look for yourself!

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