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“Kick Up Your Creativity” Challenge

Because I love photography, I am always looking for new ways to kick start my photographic creativity juices.  It is easy for me to get stuck in a rut with my personal photography style or subject matter.

Here I am at the end of a remarkable summer.  I’ve expanded my personal photographic knowledge and my artistic reach, yet I am yearning for something new to do with my camera.

When I get like this I like to challenge myself.  Did I mention that I hate to work alone?  Here’s my creativity challenge to myself and to all of you. Pick a task below.  Follow the directions.  Get out the camera and start shooting.

1.) Choose an inert object (wood, glass, metal, fabric …). For the next 30 days, take 30 macro pictures of 30 different inert objects from your chosen category .  Answer this question: How did your creativity grow?

Drop Impact

2.) Most photographers like to be behind the lens.  This task involves flipping the camera around. For the next 30 days take 30 different self portraits of yourself.  Answer this question: Have you gained a new prospective about being in front of the lens?

3.) Choose a busy setting or spot in your yard. For the next 30 days take 30 pictures of that busy setting or spot at the same time each day.  Answer this question: Were the trees really that green 30 days ago?

4.) Choose your favorite 30 images that you have taken over the past 30 days. Convert them to black and white using your favorite editing software.  Answer this question: How did your conversion skills improve from image 1 to image 30?

And finally,

5.) From your home, jump in your car each day and drive 5 minutes in any direction once a day for 30 days. Take a picture of anything.  Answer this question: Do your neighbors think your nuts?

I hope you choose one of these creativity challenges.  In fact, choose one of each of the challenges over the next 5 months and you should see your artistic production improve by leaps and bounds.  These challenges are the stepping stones to turn a picture into fine art, from ordinary to extraordinary.

By, Joanne Henig

“Community With Opportunity”

One Comment

Joe Cubiotti says:

Great ideas! I haven’t had the opportunity to travel much these past few weeks and have been looking for some new things to photograph. Fall will be a great time to try out 3 – Choose a busy setting or spot in your yard. Great tips!

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