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Is Your Art Positioned For The Online Shopping Explosion?

#SocialDistancing.  Hmmmm.  One of the many social media hashtags coming out of the #Covid19 pandemic.  Does #SocialDistancing worry us?  No.  Of course not.  Nor should it worry you.  Why?  Because Long Island Photo Gallery has been in the online art sales business since 2007 and we’ve always maintained a vibrant art sales position through financial uncertainty time and time again.

#SocialDistancing has just made the online art gallery website a lot more important.  It means that people will be spending a lot more time at home and online.  Artists interested in reaching art buyers across the country must have an online art-selling strategy along with a team around them to manage co-marketing, customer’s demands, credit card processing, art production and shipping, and sales tax collection and payment.  Having an art selling website is no longer an ‘optional element’ to your art selling strategy.  Expect craft fairs and public art exhibits to be under attended.  Also expect art buyers to become even more comfortable with shopping for their art online.

You can still gain a competitive advantage if you get serious about selling art online.  You must move quickly.  Other photographers will be stepping up their efforts to corner the impending boom in online art sales.  Luckily, we’ve pioneered the way for you and we are in a great position to help you succeed.  But some effort on your part is required.

Now is the time to do an honest review of your online art gallery portfolio with Long Island Photo Gallery.  If you’re not working with us, now is the time to do so.  The Long Island Photo Gallery website is DESIGNED to sell art!  For a cost of $1.15 a DAY,  we manage your online platform for you, assist with all customer service needs, ship direct to art buyers, process credit cards, collect and pay sales tax, pay 100% commission on all art sales, have an awesome marketing schedule using social media and email marketing that gets results; because let’s face it, marketing is the only thing that matters.

We’re Long Island Photo Gallery.  We are the #1 online gallery right here in your back yard.

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Another art fair cancelled.

Another art fair cancelled?

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