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Gallery Display Opportunity

WE ARE MOVING FORWARD with many initiatives that were announce with our first blog post.

Here is one that is moving forward rapidly ……

We have hired a painter to come into our design office over Labor Day weekend.  The end result will be to have freshly painted walls so that our LIPG members can have a place to display their printed work. But wait, THERE’S MORE! I spoke with our landlord this week and he will be painting the entire upstairs hallway where our office is located and will allow LIPG Members to display their printed work along this space!  But wait, THERE’S EVEN MORE! He has also given us the opportunity to display our prints THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE BUILDING! : ))

This is HUGE!!  Not only has Long Island Photo Gallery given its members the unique opportunity to have their work displayed digitally with a revenue option, but are also offering its members the opportunity to have their printed work displayed in a gallery type setting.  Your work.  Your name.  Your opportunity to be seen as an artist.

If you are not a member of Long Island Photo Gallery, don’t be shy.  Our annual dues are just $35.  Click here to learn more or to join our community.

Our members will be the first to see our gallery while attending our 1st Annual LIPG Member meeting on 9/30/09. If you would like to have your prints hanging in the gallery, please contact Joanne Henig at before August 31, 2009.

Long Island Photo Gallery – “A photography community offering its members opportunity.”

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