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Featured Fine Art Photographer Rich LaBella

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I photograph mostly nautical and wildlife themes, concentrating on our shorelines & bays, yachting, the bridges, wetlands, lighthouses, wildlife, flowers and the unique things that make living near & on the water on Long Island and elsewhere a special experience.

Early in life, I realized that we tend to be oblivious to much of the beauty that surrounds us. I am an advocate of bringing awareness of that often-overlooked beauty in nature and wildlife behavior through my work. I prefer dynamic images to static “portraits” and try to bring a better appreciation & understanding of our world through showing the interaction of nature, creatures, objects, and places that we might not notice around us.

Over the years, through a better understanding of light & composition, my work has matured into a sizeable portfolio of quality photographs.

I have been particularly influenced by both Art Wolfe’s & Chas Glatzer’s approach to photography. Through Art Wolfe, I learned to approach my works based on the principles of composition to bring out the beauty of nature & the environment. Chas Glatzer showed me that “light illuminates, shadow defines” and that a three-dimensional image was indeed possible in a two-dimensional medium. With that foundation, and the help of many talented Nature & Wildlife photographers, I was able to develop and fine-tune my visionary approach, technical execution and post-processing skills in producing fine art which accentuates the interaction of light and color.

My newest works can also be seen on Facebook and through my portfolio page with Long Island Photo Gallery.

“I hope my work brings you as much enjoyment as it gave me in composing and capturing the beauty of our environment.” -Rich LaBella, 2012


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