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Featured Artist: Vicki Jauron

Highlighting Vicki Jauron, who’s a professional fine art photographer.

Since February of 2011, Long Island Photo Gallery has supported and displayed Vicki Jauron’s fine art photography. Throughout Jauron’s photographic journey over the years, we’ve seen her artwork transform and become finely polished and stunningly eye-catching. Over this time, Jauron has built out her portfolio with the gallery and currently offers close to 500 fine art photographs that are available for sale.

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We are always thrilled to see Vicki Jauron expand with all of her photographic endeavors. 

Jauron has published two children’s books, including “The Magical Bird Beach of Long Island,” which features four shorebirds that breed on Long Island in the summer, currently available on Amazon and other book retailers. And most recently, “The Magical Bird Beach of Long Island in Winter,” which features the Snowy Owl and nine other beautiful and talented birds that winter on Long Island. Both books use fun-to-read rhyming prose, humor, and bright, colorful, enchanting images to instill a love of nature and birds in young readers.  

It doesn’t stop there! One of Vicki Jauron’s Cheetah images was selected to be included in the Remember Wildlife Book Series – “Remembering Cheetahs,” which makes it fifth in the series. The Remember Wildlife Book Series has raised over $850,000 for wildlife conservation efforts. Plus, the book includes images from 80 of the world’s most recognized nature photographers, including Frans LantingArt WolfeSuzi EszterhasJonathan and Angela ScottFederico VeronesiPiper MackayMarcus Westberg, and others.  

Plus, Vicki Jauron is a finalist in Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards for 2019 and 2020.

Vicki Jauron’s images are also on book covers, magazines, educational materials, advertisements, etc. worldwide through Getty Images stock sales.


Get to know Vicki Jauron Photography

I remember sitting in a cafe on Market Street in San Francisco 30 years ago, with a photography book and a 20-year old Fujica camera, wondering how I could make my living as a photojournalist. I’d just graduated from college with a degree in International Studies, and all I wanted to do was travel the world, take pictures and immerse myself in other cultures. Well, I never got there, instead of finding myself locked into the corporate world. Now, as I emerge from that life and enter those “golden” years, I’ve taken up photography again, this time with more mature confidence, a greater sense of self, and a pent-up desire to release my creativity and use my business skills to accomplish something for myself.

I enjoy waking up early and reveling in whatever the sunrise brings. I love photographing people and catching those fleeting moments that tug at our emotions. I get a thrill out of photographing a deer, or a bird, a fox, or a hawk. I see reflections where I never did before, and I’ve had the time of my life capturing photos of a rock concert. I love being able to anticipate a moment, to see a story unfold, and to be able to share it with others in the form of a picture. Life doesn’t get better than this!

Artwork created by Vicki Jauron is available for purchase with Long Island Photo Gallery & Photo Art Pavilion. You can shop online and have custom art created for your space.

Need help shopping? No problem, Long Island Photo Gallery can help you. We can help you determine the right size and medium that will enhance your space. We work one-on-one for both residential and commercial clients. We provide the same service no matter how large or small the space.

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