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Explore these Beautiful Black & Whites

There is a large variety of photography that can be found on! We thought we would narrow the subject matter down and show you a few of our many captivating Black and White photographs. Black and White photography allows the subject matter and composition to become the main focus. Color is left for the viewers imagination.  There is a quiet and perhaps, nostalgic essence within black and white photographs.

View Our Long Island Photo Gallery’s Black & White Photographs!


“Fire Island in Black & White” by Rick Berk


By Rick Berk


“Ethereal Sunrise” by Saulmon C. Addison 


By Saulmon C. Addsion

“This Old House” by Michael Lang 


By Michael Lang

We enjoy sharing our members’ photographs with everyone! If you would like to see more of Rick Berk, Saulmon C. Addison, or Michael Lang’s photographs you can click on their names to view their online gallery or personalized mini-site.  Additionally, if you would like to  view Black and White images in person, we have a same of some of our photographer’s work hanging on our walls. Stop in for a visit or view more photographs online! 

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