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Evolution is all about looking forward.

We’ve all heard it is said that everything happens for a reason. Over the years, Joanne Henig and Jessica Lempin have planned out a variety of themed juried exhibits for Long Island Photo Gallery’s exhibit calendar. We’ve had a great outpouring of response and support from artists and art collectors, family and friends, and the shows have been nothing short of amazing!

🦋 Butterflies symbolize change. Ironically and with the guidance of forces unknown, the pre-scheduled Butterflies exhibit is now hanging on our main exhibit wall and is symbolically moving us forward as we usher in positive changes and a new era for the Long Island Photo Gallery.

Like the beautiful butterflies currently on display, a metamorphosis for Long Island Photo Gallery is underway. We’ve decided not to renew our lease for our Islip location, therefore, we will be closing the space in July 2021. It is a bittersweet decision for both of us, no doubt about it! We’ve had so many great years in Islip, we have met amazing artists and patrons, we have made new friends through our shared passion for photography, and we have a mountain of great memories to carry us forward.

But this is not the end. No way! If you know anything about us you would know that something new and exciting has already been planned by us resourceful ladies. We’re ready to spread our wings and take flight in a new and exciting direction for all of the wonderful art creators and art collectors across Long Island and beyond!

We may be shedding the singular ‘brick and mortar’ Long Island Photo Gallery location in Islip, but, this freedom allows us to be able to bring fine art photography to a broader audience and experience new locations across Long Island and beyond. As we forge ahead we are actively seeking alternative venues that are unique, art-friendly, and vibrant. Furthermore, we remain committed to the virtual art display and sales marketplaces that have become a great source for bringing artists and collectors together. will continue to be the glue that connects Long Island artists with Long Island art lovers. We’ll continue to sell custom art prints, custom framing, and art installation services. We’ll expand our juried open calls, themed exhibits, solo shows, and hold receptions in new, targeted locations. And, we’ll continue to do photography classes, workshops, and tours, just as we’ve done in the past.

So, let’s meet one last time in Islip on Thursday, May 20th, 2021 from 6:30 – 8:30 pm.  Let’s toast to all the great art and artists and a space that has given voice to so many.  Cheers to us all and cheers to an amazing future ahead!

Stay tuned,
Joanne Henig & Jessica Lempin
Founders & Curators
Long Island Photo Gallery