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Empire State Studio Photography Show

Congratulations to Long Island Photo Gallery members who will be exhibiting their best fine art photography from 12/5/09 – 1/31/2010 at Empire State Studios in Oceanside, NY.


Members Jim Cook, Kim Pace, Debra Moody, Turtle MacDermott, Jessica Hirschmann and Joanne Henig are participating in the event.

Come down and check out some awesome photos from some talented artists.

Empire is located at:

222 Merrick Road

Oceanside, NY 11572

There will be a full reception at 7 pm on 12/5/09 for all the exhibitors and their guests.  Hope to see you there!


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Jeff says:

I just want to thank all of the photographers that participated in this exhibit. I hope you guys had a good time.

Tomy Brunhuber says:

My first show ever- just found out about LIPG. Going on the next Field trip. Exactly what I needed to start getting into this like I’ve always wanted to. Thanks so much to the folks at Empire. Guess I’ll have to get a sleeve now haha

Jessica says:

This is awesome and I can not wait for this night!

Joanne says:

Looking forward to exhibiting some fine art pieces for Long Island!

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