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Critique Night vs. March Madness

Long Island Photo Gallery is up against some serious competition tonight as we host our regularly scheduled Long Island Photo Gallery critique night.  Our competition is Round 1 of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, also known as March Madness.

The true photography faithful will be in the gallery tonight, from 7 – 9 p.m., as their 4 favorite images get put through the critiquing process.  This is a great way to interact with other photographers.

Every image stands on its own merit, regardless of the photographer’s experience .

We are looking for the following criteria.

1.) Clear Center of Interest

2.) Composition

3.) Focus and Exposure

4.) Story

5.) Lighting

6.) Creativity

7.) Uniqueness

Tonight we expect to see images from Joanne Henig,  Jessica Hirschmann, Joe Cubiotti,  Mark Stumpf,  Kim Pace, and John Schmahl.

I’m guessing the remaining, awesome LIPG members will be in front of their TV’s with a bowl of popcorn watching Round 1 of the basketball tournament.  I can’t blame them.  It is a very exciting event to watch.  However, being the technology wizard that I am, I will use my DVR to record, and later watch, the final minutes of each game.  Really, those final minutes are the MOST exciting moments of March Madness.  And, I will be able to participate in the LIPG Critique night.

Looks like I win!

~ Joanne Henig

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