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Can an obsession be a good thing?

We take thousands of pictures these days.  In the field of medicine an obsession is a persistent disturbing preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea or feeling.  But an obsession in photography may produce the best art pieces in a photographer’s portfolio.  An obsession is a fixation on a particular genre or style.  A photographic obsession is often times a visual delight.

We had asked all the photographers that we know to submit images for a themed exhibit titled ‘Current Obsession’.  We had quite a few entries to sort through.  What we ended up with were amazing images that now grace our gallery walls through the end of  2018.

Here are the photographs for ‘Current Obsession’ that took home Long Island Photo Gallery ‘Excellence In Photography’ awards.  Congratulations!

First Place:  ‘The Tulip Staircase’ by MARZENA GRABCZYNSKA PHOTOGRAPHY
The Tulip Staircase


Second Place: ‘Yellow Flower in B&W’  by DEBORAH KITTNER PHOTOGRAPHY
Debbie Kittner Photography


Third Place: ‘Hozho Chair’  by DANGRABBIT PHOTOGRAPHY
dang rabbit photography

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