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Bobby Alan’s B & W Minimalism Style

Using the minimal amount of objects such as color, line, shape and texture is a style of photography know as Minimalism.  In a photography world of broad landscapes, picturesque sunrises and sunsets, or digital compositions, ‘less is more’ is not an easy method of photography to master.  Yet fine art photography artist Bobby Alan has done it!

The Minimalism photographic style leaves so much of the capture up to a viewer’s interpretation.  Isn’t that what we want as an artist?  To have our work interpreted?  Don’t we want viewers to stand in contemplative gaze at our work discussing how the image makes them feel or what the print is ‘saying’ to them?  Yes, yes and yes!

To pull off a great Minimal style the subject has to be interesting and the lighting and angles have to make an impact.  With these components, the resulting image can be quite meditative.

"Endless Rest", Copyright, Bobby Alan

“Endless Rest”, Copyright, Bobby Alan

With camera in tow, Bobby Alan travels through nature wandering diverse landscapes and chasing light.  “As a seeker of adventure and an explorer of our planet, my camera is the tool I use to create”, says Alan.  “I see the art that is present in the natural world and my images are the canvas to express my vision.”

"Endless View", Copyright, Bobby Alan

“Endless View”, Copyright, Bobby Alan

Bobby’s work was recently published in B & W Minimalism Magazine on page 63 and 71  Get to know Long Island Photo Gallery’s member artist Bobby Alan and his amazing photography by clicking here.   We promise you will not be disappointed with this young talent’s portfolio!

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