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My Photography Hobby

Hello photography enthusiasts, and others!

My name is Jessica Hirschmann and I am one of the founders and curators of Long Island Photo Gallery.  This is my first blog entry.  For some I reason had a feeling that I should write an entry for this month. So, here we go …

I have always been involved with photography. When I was a kid I  always wanted to hold the family camera and take pictures to document our family vacations. This didn’t always go over very well, since I had no idea what I was doing back then. As time went on I got a job at my local Genovese Drug Store (which turned to Eckerd Pharmacy, and is now Rite Aid) and of course, I ended up in the photography department. This meant that I was developing 35mm color film for a living.

During my time working as a Photo Tech, I began college and majored in photography. The focus there was all about the history of photography, learning about image composition, developing our black and white 35mm film, printing our own images, and then eventually studio lighting. I did learn a lot more than that, but those are the main topics that still remain burned into my mind. I loved all of the photography assignments, but I never enjoyed the pressure of having to take the specific photos.

Pink Tulip, by Jessica Hirschmann

Pink Tulip, by Jessica Hirschmann

I have always been around photography, so it only seemed logical to stay in photography as a major. So, why did I switch my major to web design? Well, I didn’t realize this until today, while I was writing this blog entry. If I continued to major in photography then it would probably have killed my passion for photography. Yea, I know that sounds weird!

Recently in 2009,  Joanne Henig and I took a trip down to Florida to participate in the 2009 Birding & Fotofest. I had a great time, but sad to say I took better pictures when I got home and was hanging out in my backyard. I have realized that photography for me needs to be a hobby and nothing more. I tend to flake out when there is the slightest bit of pressure. So, this means there will be no paid portrait jobs for me! Well, for now, until I figure out how to get over this hump.

Now back to Long Island Photo Galley.  It is a great feeling to be around other photographers with the same passion. But I especially love that Joanne Henig and I have created this local niche for other photographers. Not only can we display our photography to the world, but also help other Long Island photographers to promote their work. Even if a photographer is a beginner they still have an opportunity to showcase to the world what they see as fine art. Plus, they have the opportunity to sell their work to the public. By the way, it’s an amazing feeling to know that someone out there has connected to something I’ve photographed!

What does this all mean? I think my personal life story around photography taught me the following … follow your heart and work on staying passionate with that makes you happy. After all, hobbyists take great pictures too!  With that said, I need to grab my camera and see where I end up!

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