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2010 Annual Meeting = Success!

The 2010 annual meeting was a huge success. I am humbled by the experience.

Who knew a year ago that we would be able to assemble 10 Long Island Photographers in one room and get them to discuss their personal photography goals, their collective desire to see Long Island Photo Gallery become the best it can be. Wow. And wow again!

The Numbers Game

Compared to last year, Membership is up 633%, Unique Site Visitors are up 173% and the average sale in our online store is up 301%. This is no accident. This is hard work!

Create Your Opportunity

This unique group is driven by its phenomenal members. With such a great and diverse group of people we can only be successful in all that we do. I am a firm believer in the ‘laws of attraction’, meaning that you get what you give. T-E-A-M. I’m sure you all know what that stands for 🙂

That Was Cool

The results of the ideas and desires of our members will develop over the next several months. Make no mistake about it, there will be further development! Everyone that attended the annual meeting last night contributed to the discussion. That was cool!

We Are Not In Competition With Each Other

It is no longer cool to be silent. We have become a group where everyone’s voice counts. Each of us is a sponge soaking up snippets of photography knowledge. Share. Share. And share some more. We are not in competition with each other. We are each other’s support!

The Year Ahead

It’s going to be busy. Participate as often as you can. Stay in touch with fellow members. Login and post comments to the blog. Bring opportunities in for all of us to share. Make a suggestion. Suggest a Critique Night theme. Lead an education event. Get in front of the camera during an LIPG Studio Headshot event. Sign up for Join our ‘Promote The Gallery’ committee. Submit suggestions for improvement of your LIPG websites. Sign up to be a Guest Writer for this BLOG. Be an LIPG Facebook Friend. Follow LIPG on Twitter. Give during our 1st Annual Help Portrait event.

I thank you all from the bottom of my <3. ~ Joanne

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