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Open Calls For Entry
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Submission deadline: Feb 7th, 2021

The ever-shifting shape of water gives an artist the advantage to create visual art that can evoke power or peace.  Water, after all, is the "ideal conduit for illusion". This exhibition explores a multitude of ways that water influences our lives and celebrates the beauty of water.  Let the curated...

Submission deadline: Apr. 4th, 2021

Celebrate the arrival of spring with us and experience the magical world of butterflies! Butterflies encompass a vast variety of color and charm.  A symbol of change and growth, butterfly art seems to resonate with a soft spot in us all. This exhibit will offer stylized prints in vibrant colors. Their...

Submission deadline: May 30th, 2021

The imagery of places by the sea soothes our souls.  The subject matter extends from water to beach and dunes, to life around the coast - the beachside cafes, the surfers, boardwalks, and the docks.  Discover gorgeous artworks, inspired by the sea and all things coastal.  We guarantee that you'll enjoy...

Submission deadline: July 25th, 2021

Enter, perhaps, a world without the conventional notion of space and time, a world in-between places. A doorway, an iron gate, a stately archway, or a passive window all create a space for us to pass through either visually, physically, or mentally.  Each provides a threshold to what is known...